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Mythic Table is Going Open Source

I am very proud to announce that Mythic Table will be going Open Source and Open Books.  


This means the core client and server code for Mythic Table will be made available for everyone under the Apache Open Source License version 2.0.  This also means that Mythic Table will open its books, making readily available our planning, our forecast and, most importantly, our progress.  This is a bit unprecedented, as we will be fully disclosing much of our financial information. This information will be shared via our newsletter and made publicly available on our website.  

We will host Mythic Table on our servers and offer it free to everyone.  All features will be free without subscription. There will be no signup cost and there will be no paywalls.  There will be an option to subscribe but this will be strictly optional. Subscriptions will be used to help fund the cost of our development and infrastructure.  All of these costs and income will be fully disclosed in our reports.


We are doing this for a number of reasons;

  1. We strongly believe in this project and in the people for whom we are making it.
  2. In the early stages of assembling the team, doing market research and reaching out to the community, we learned the market is not yet strong enough to support this project as a traditional business.
  3. We don’t believe that Mythic Table is ours alone.  We believe Mythic Table is for everyone.
  4. This is going to be a difficult project and we’re going to need all the help we can get.  We’ve learned that all of you are much more likely to help if you can see how your contribution is being used.
  5. We are excited to see what people will do with Mythic Table as far as making it available for different kinds of games.
  6. We love games and we want to share.


The easy part will be making our source available via Github or Gitlab.  Next, we will need to put some policies and procedures in place for those of you that may wish to contribute directly to the project.  This will take some time and will likely change as we receive feedback from those we’ve on-boarded.

To open the books, we will publish a weekly report.  These reports will focus on our forecast which we had built during our pitch.  This is discussed in My Mythic Story. As we move forward, we will be revising our forecast and we will show how we are trending.  The goal of this is to enable us to change and pivot in response to unexpected developments. Signing up for the newsletter will allow you to get these reports right in your inbox but we will also publish them on the website.

We anticipate the majority of the development will be done by our core team and via contractors.  A number of you have already volunteered to help but we understand that most people will only be able to contribute a small amount of time to this project so we’re prepared to cover the majority of the development.

This project is being launched on a shoestring budget.  Our original contributors may not be as available as they had been.  As it stands, I am the last fully dedicated developer, and I’m preparing to start a new full-time role with another company so my time will be very limited.  I hope to be able to handle all the administration details, messaging, planning and coordinating contractors. It will be a lot of work.


As of the writing of this document I am about to take a couple of weeks off between jobs.   By the end of these two weeks, this transformation should be complete. I will be choosing a Git host, making arrangements with our cloud providers, setting up tools and pipelines for development, opening a developer communication channel like Slack or Discord and, most importantly, finding a new UX designer.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I’m very excited about this and I would like to personally thank everyone who helped make this happen.  Please stay tuned and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.